dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Social Media ePortfolio

Anne Kruse ea; Georgetown University
Dinsdag 14 February 2012: 11:30

Goal: Designing for adaptive reflictive capabilities
-->> How can we create an environment for scaffolding reflective capabilities?

To answer that question they formulated needs:
- adaptive reflections (moving from social to solitary and back)
- iterative workflows ( supporting drafts and feedback)
- emerging relationships (mentor/mentee relations)

So the design began with a wish list
- space
- flexiabel ways for reflection
- tools for building communities
- Integrated assessment tools
- rich social tools
- integration

Considering the wish list lead to be able to do four main tasks -->> collect - select - present - assess
The application they wanted had te be able to do this in an integrated way (knowing there were good applications for each of the for main tasks)

They came up with:
Pegasus as an app for building academi, personal and professional ePortfolio's
Ofwel ze zijn zelf aan het bouwen gegaan in hun eigen omgeving.
Bij de demo kwam steeds de naam CCTP ePortfolio

En hier raakten ze me helmaal kwijt in een gedetailleerde uitleg van hun systeem ...... Jammer ... Had toch echt wat anders van deze lezing verwacht .... Had voor mij weinig meer te maken met Social Media !

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