maandag 4 november 2013

Failing Forward: Learning Labs & Experimenten

With increasing demands from learners and business partners, how can learning functions keep up with change and simultaneously elevate the learning experience to deliver outstanding results? At American Express, they implemented learning labs to meet those challenges. 

The step-by-step process for implementing and leveraging learning labs: a robust yet practical approach to capturing ideas and business opportunities, as well as evaluating impact with tangible business results (zeggen ze in een leuke "Doodle") ... Uit de rest van het verhaal heb ik begrepen dat het vooral gaat om het uitproberen van manieren van leren om dat dan toe te passen op een aantal terreinen waarop de medewerkers opgeleid moeten worden.

Vraag die zezichzelf stelde: How to elevate learning's role in generating excitement around innovation within the organization. Antwoord: use learning Labs what type of learning and what Technology works.

Appoach: A step-by-step approach for building, testing and evaluating new learning ideas: learning lab

It is a disciplined approach: 

0) idea generation ... 

1) assess (intake of idea;, high level scoping, identify measures of succes, High level CBA, prioritize and document timelines, Benchmaking (understand from others and what happens outside the organization))

2) Configure (establish cross-functional team ... Very important!; identify technology requirements; define scope of use of the technology; establish a small internal group to test technology; document findings)

3) Construct (Refine scope; define test scenario's and document that; post construct CBA; review with key stakeholders for approval) 

4) Implement (Implement test scenario's; document results;conduct lessons learned) 

5) Evaluate (Post implementation CBA; recommendations to key stakeholders; prepare for deployment, modify or cancel; communicate Next Steps

Zo hebben ze allerlei dingen al ontwikkeld en getest:  Gamification (game-Based learning); Badging (Engaging Motivation Enrichment); Video Based Learning (High Impact Massaging); Leep Frog (Adaptive Learning); Classroom of the future (Flexibility); Graduation Ceremonies; Virtual Coach; Virtual Classroom; Tablets (mobile learning); eBooks (Interactive learning); Social Learning (learning together). .... 

Vervolgens passen ze dit toe in trainingen en zo (soms in combinatie).

Toepassing voor mezelf/ons? Ook wij moeten veel nadrukkelijk evalueren en testen: wat werkt en wat werkt niet en waarom !

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