dinsdag 20 januari 2009

Learning Space

SCUP Survey: 2008 Learning Space factors
Jeffrey A. Vredevoogd, Education Solutions Lead, Herman Miller

If learning can happen anywhere on campus, what should learning spaces be like? Learning Space Factors Report, 2008 answers this question based on the results of a major survey of the membership of SCUP, the Society for College and University Planning. These findings about what makes a great learning space offer valuable insights for your planning efforts. This session will also provide an opportunity to guide the 2009 survey.

Belangrijkste factoren:
- Adaptable spaces
- Social spaces
- Healthful spaces
- Sustainable spaces
- Resourceful spaces
- Stimulating spaces.

De ideale learning space
- is flexibel
- is technologisch innovatief
- is relaxing
- café-like
- en ondersteunt verschillende leerstijlen.

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