vrijdag 5 juni 2009

A practical guide to curriculum change

Anthony H. Catanach jr.: Edineb 5-6-2009: 09.45

Some rules:
1) understand what the REAL motivation is to change (en niet alle trenduitspraken die al snel gedaan worden)? ... but do ... a good environmental analasys ... and don't forget to analyse faculty attitudes (mogelijkheden en uitdagingen) ... and don't forget the political climate

Preparing for Curriculum change:
2) Change management selection
3) Impact assessment: evaluate the impact of proposed change on stakehoulders (students, faculty, management, other courses, ...)
4) Program Goals and objectives: establish clear goals and objectives that target desired studens learning outcomes

Implement curriculum change:
5) Topical coverage: select topical coverage that meets the stated educational goals and objectives
6) Innovation delivery: choose content delivery methods that are appropriate for program goals and objectives
7) The curriculum "make or buy" decision

Eveluate results
8) Innovation assesment: collect, report and share data that provides insights into innovation effectiveness

Mijn conclusie:
Typisch Amerikaans verhaal. Veel over inhoud weinig over leren en pedagogiek.
In essentie vertaling projectmanagement naar curriculum ontwikkeling.

Wat wij beter moeten gaan doen, als leerles hier, ....... innovation assessment

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